Indsutry 4.0: Machine builder

Indsutry 4.0: Machine builder

Stop traveling! That was the main goal of another customer who decided to use SmartNetVPN in conbination with industrial cellular routers.

Doing that, all the Operations and Maintenance are done now under “remote service“, quick, easy, anytime, anywhere and of course whit the appropiate level of security in the communications.

Another step forward is the use of Big Data and Data Analytics to obtain information in real time that allows or facilitates decision making.

With this technology you can work not only with the data obtained from remote installations (PLCs, PLCs, Dataloggers, etc.) but also with databases from the rest of the organization.

As in this example, where our client uses ERP data (marketing, sales, technical support, etc.) we have connected all DD.BB.

“Now we can talk about a real Digital Transformation on our company, where all machines are connected, where all departments have real time information and here we are: where our clients are”