CCTV Cameras and security systems

The expansion of CCTV systems and their frequent use in areas without a fixed network connection requires fast wireless data transmission as the basis of the communication infrastructure.

Thanks to the high transmission speeds through Mobile 4G-LTE and the low costs, very effective solutions can be implemented. 

A modern building security system cannot exist without long-distance communication systems. Mobility is the key to many applications. This is guaranteed by 4G networks.

In any case, such a sensitive information should be right protected, avoiding unauthoriced access and leaks.

Sewage Treatment Plant, WWTP

There are many customers in the sewage treatment sector that require a control system with remote, 24 hour access for maintenance and to avoid – thanks to rapid management – the discharge of wastewater.

With SmartNetVPN, an operator with a Tablet or Smartphone can be connected to the network at any time to verify the correct functioning of any PLC or HMI PLC of the SCADA system.

The main achievement was being able to avoid unwanted logins, while performing remote maintenance, and reducing response time to minutes, thanks to a private communications network.

Control of facilities in several countries

Control of facilities in several countries

Another way that is growing of applying this technology, is using it to perform the tasks of Operations and Maintenance for industrial machinery that is spread over 5 continents.

This gives international companies the ability to perform updates and configurations, know the status of machines, and predict failures, from one central point; thus saving on costly displacements, delays in repairs, etc.

An easy and fast configuration of the 4G gateways allows for a global deployment regardless of the country or the operator, where the operator has direct access to each machine.

Indsutry 4.0: Machine builder

Indsutry 4.0: Machine builder

Stop traveling! That was the main goal of another customer who decided to use SmartNetVPN in conbination with industrial cellular routers.

Doing that, all the Operations and Maintenance are done now under “remote service“, quick, easy, anytime, anywhere and of course whit the appropiate level of security in the communications.

Another step forward is the use of Big Data and Data Analytics to obtain information in real time that allows or facilitates decision making.

With this technology you can work not only with the data obtained from remote installations (PLCs, PLCs, Dataloggers, etc.) but also with databases from the rest of the organization.

As in this example, where our client uses ERP data (marketing, sales, technical support, etc.) we have connected all DD.BB.

“Now we can talk about a real Digital Transformation on our company, where all machines are connected, where all departments have real time information and here we are: where our clients are”